About Buyee

Buyee is an international shipping service.

When you order items via Buyee’s cart, Buyee will buy the items in Japan on behalf of you, and transfer to your place.
Buyee will also check that the items can be shipped internationally.
It takes from a few hours to a maximum of a few days from your purchase request to actual purchases.

When you use Buyee, you need to pay an extra shipping fee to Buyee.
The shipping cost depends on the package weight and size, but will be approximately the costs below.

Approximate shipping costs

Item Shipping Option Fee
Key Holders, Badges Airmail (Small Packet) ¥700
Compact Discs Airmail (Small Packet) ¥820
Card Games, iPhone Cases Airmail (Small Packet) ¥1,040
Books Airmail (Small Packet) ¥1,040
T-Shirts Airmail (Small Packet) ¥1,530
Hoodies, Pillow Covers Airmail (Small Packet) ¥2,170
3 Books EMS ¥2,700
5 Books EMS ¥3,600
10 Books EMS ¥5,620

Buyee has a combined-shipping option.
It may reduce the total cost.